How to Reach Reach Us at the RSPA...

161 S. Freeman Street
P.O. Box 95
Robesonia, PA 19551
Tel: (484) 269 - 0066


If you would like to help make the Roby Pool a better place, please join us at our monthly board meetings. Meetings are held once a month October thru April and twice a month May thru September. Questions and concerns may be addressed to the Pool Board website at

2018 RSPA Board Members:

  • President - Christopher Bright
  • VP - Tara Clauss
  • Recording Secretary - Wendy Bright
  • Treasurer - Ben Cohen
  • Membership Secretary - Kelly Rivera
  • Head of Maintenance - Josh Stott


For Membership Inquiries, please call at (484) 269 - 0066.


Positions available for the 2018 RSPA pool season include  LIFEGUARDS.

Please for more info.

Or go to our DOWNLOAD PAGE to download and print the forms yourself...

*CPR/Lifesaving & First Aid Classes/Certification:

  • CPR/Lifesaving and First Aid are offered locally through Body Zone Sports, Wilson High School and Berks County Chapter of Red Cross (CPR Only). Prerequisites for working as a Lifeguard, applicants should include updated certification and training documents along with their completed applications.
  • CLICK HERE to see related links about where and when classes are available in Berks County.

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