Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the daily rate lower after 5:00 p.m.?
The daily rate is the same regardless of the time of day.

It is halfway through the season, can get the season pass at half off?
Season price applies all season long. Depending on how often you plan to visit the pool, the season pass is the best price.

I came to the pool 5 times and now I want a season pass, can that money spent on daily passes be used towards my season pass?
If, while at the pool, the money spent on that date for persons getting a membership, can be credited towards a season pass. In other words, if you try it one day and want a season pass, you will be given credit for that day for persons there who wish to get a season pass. Several visits won't be credited. Nor will credit be given days later.

The pool is open until 7:00 p.m. Can I swim until 7?
We ask that you get out of the pool to give you enough time to be ready to leave at 7:00 p.m. Some people get out of the pool and are ready to walk out the door. Some people need a few minutes to gather their things. Some people need 20 minutes to dry off and change. Local pools do clear the pool 15 minutes before closing and that could become a practice if needed.

I donated something to the pool or volunteered my time. Do I get a break or discount?
The pool operates, in a large part, through the generosity of its members and community. All things given to the pool and all the time of the volunteers (paint day, set up, close down, working fund raisers) are greatly appreciated. A trade is often challenging to calculate and even track. Unfortunately, some agreements are not honored and the pool looses. The Pool Board members put in hundreds of hours each year as well as donate items and all pay the same membership fees as the general membership. This pool runs, in a large part, with the help of time and items. All contributions are appreciated.

Can I swim laps during my kid's swimming lessons?
Or during swim team practice?
Generally, there is not enough room to accommodate morning use of the pool and members swimming laps. Also, there is no lifeguard on duty during these times. The budget does not include additional hours for lifeguards during the morning hours. Added this year is a rope to designate lap lane(s) on week nights after 6:00 p.m. on nights when numbers permit it.

Why is a poop accident in the water such a big deal?
It could require the pool to close for up to two days. The pool will close for 30 minutes if it is scoopable. Chemicals in the pool need to be increased and then a waiting period for the levels to come back down.

Do you offer swimming lessons?
( Information about 2022 Swimming Lessons coming soon ! )

What is the price for Pavilion Rental?
The pavilion can be used by anyone at the pool on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to have the pavilion secured for just your use on a date and time, then renting the pavilion is the way to go. Please see the Pavilion & Pool Rental tab for current pricing.

What about the gas grills?
They can be used by anyone at the pool.

Can I have a party at the pool?
Yes! If you are looking at a party during pool hours, you may want to consider renting the pavilion. Members use membership cards to get in. Non members can enter on a day pass. You may want to consider a block of passes for a discount. If you are interested in a party outside of pool hours, please see the Pavilion & Pool Rental tab.

Can I rent the pool for a private party?
Yes! Please see the Pavilion & Pool Rental tab.

Why can't I wear cut off jeans to swim? Or a shirt in the water for sun protection?
Swim shirts are permitted. Proper swimming attire is required to keep particles out of the filter as well as for swimmer safety. Cotton clothing gets heavy when wet which can impede the swimmer as well as impede assisting a swimmer. Loose clothing can also cause similar problems. These requirements are for the safety of swimmers and staff. You will be asked to exit the water if you are not in approved swim wear.

Is there a discounted price for large groups?
Yes. The large group rate applies to clubs, camps, and pavilion rental during regular operating hours when booked at least one week in advance. The current rate is $5 per person for groups over 20 people.

Clubs, camps, etc. need to prearrange at least one week in advance with the pool manager in order to get this rate.

Parties (birthday, graduation, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, etc.) during regular pool hours would need to also be renting the pavilion to get the large group price. If some of the party guests are already members of the pool, they would get in with their pass; 20 or more nonmembers are needed to receive the discount, with a pavilion rental during regular pool hours, booked at least one week in advance.

Private parties outside of regular pool hours have separate pricing which can be found on the Pavilion & Pool Rental tab.

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